Virginia Metalcrafters


Unfortunately, Virginia Metalcrafters closed down their business, and thus their products are now longer available.

Virginia Metalcrafters can trace its roots back to the year 1890 when it began casting wood stoves in Waynesboro, Virginia. By 1938, the company began casting brass and bronze under the name Virginia Metalcrafters. In the year 1951, the company entered into its first of many licensing agreements with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. In following years, agreements for manufacturing colonial era reproductions were put into place with nine additional museums.

Each Virginia Metalcrafters brass product is created from molten brass poured into a handmade, sand-cast mold. Since a mold can be used only one time, each piece becomes a unique creation. After removal from the mold, the product goes through a long series of finishing steps until it is hand buffed with polish using a spinning cotton wheel and a clear coat of lacquer is applied to preserve the beautiful finish.

The fine brass products from Virginia Metalcrafters include:

Virginia Metalcrafters Reproduction Colonial Brass Candlesticks

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